Thursday, June 02, 2005

Chingchong in New Zealand

This article, "Being Asian - the struggle to belong," talks about anti-Asian hate crime and race relations in New Zealand and mentions that some people there use the word "chingchong," among others, as a hurtful name.

Here is an excerpt:

Anger, fear, the diminution of our place in the world, our affirmation of identities through negation of others ... we awoke to all these things, the infrastructures of a system we had only been dimly aware of in our mouthings of interesting new words like chingchong, currymuncher, boonga, hori and honky. It came upon us all. Gradually. This was how you grew up. Each group drifted away from the others, under the shadow of knowledge. Now we have to figure out how to return to each other without becoming ignorant again.

Read the full piece: "Being Asian - the struggle to belong" in the New Zealand Herald


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