Thursday, December 14, 2006


apparently, elizabeth is seeing an acupuncturist. and as he's inserting needles into parts of her body, he brings up the subject of rosie's ching chong to elizabeth.


right after elizabeth says that, rosie says, "ok. we have to talk about this." she goes on to explain/describe what happened and how it all began with danny devito. they even played the ching chong clip again. rosie says that she didn't know it was offensive. she didn't intend it to be offensive. she asked asian people she worked with and they told her that yes it was offensive. she was told that for asians, it was as offensive as the n word is to african americans, which she seemed skeptical about. so, she apologized BUT she also did say that she might say something like it again (can you BE any more VAGUE, rosie?) because "that's how my mind works".

then... THEN, i almost wanted to strangle someone. first of all, joy behar seems pretty dismissive of the whole thing. then, either she or rosie says something like," are there any asians in the audience?" and two asian women in a front row wave. joy asks them if they were offended by the ching chong and they go "NO!" and clap and say "it was really funny".

WTF!!!??? were they planted there or something???

anyway... they're still talking about it. i'm sure the clip will show up soon. i have it tivo'd if someone can explain to me how to get a tivo program up, i'll happily do it.

here you go... view while you can!

for more extensive coverage with eloquent and intelligent commentary about this go to reappropriate.

i'm just SO relieved that i don't have to watch this show anymore.