Friday, August 10, 2007

Ching Chong, Mr. Wong

Ernie posted an entry a few months back on 8Asians called "Mister Wong, the offensive social bookmarking portal." He talked about how the phrase "ping pong king kong Mr. Wong" on the popular site made him mad because he interpreted it as “ching chong, Mister Wong.” He also took issue with the logo caricature of "Mr. Wong" (a dumpy, slant-eyed, balding nerd). I think I understand Ernie's need to vent. As for his detractors, the act of questioning why someone is offended by a stereotypical image is like discounting their experience of racism. People who haven't been there, of course don't understand. They don't see it the same way because they haven't been mocked throughout their life by people making slant eyes at them. Therefore they draw the conclusion that the feelings are not valid--then deny and belittle. IMHO, dismissing a person's experience of racism can be a hurtful as racism itself.


Swami said...

This seems to be a common reaction of many non-asian people (and even asian sometimes) when you confront them with a "ching chong" type slight. There seems to be a much different sensitivity level when it comes to this type of stereotyping.

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Rosie said...

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